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Located in South Austin, Austin Woodwright offers furniture refinishing and repair for clients throughout Central Texas. Robert Wymer, with more than 16 years experience, has developed an array of talents to cater to all aspects of furniture restoration. Many of the techniques employed remain true to their heritage and are combined with a practical approach to the utility of furniture and an awareness of the unique needs of the client. Shop hours are Monday through Saturday 9 a.m to 5 p.m. Visitors are encouraged to call in advance. We are happy to receive inquiries for estimates and delivery service is provided for your convenience.

Services Offered


We offer stripping, finishing, or painting of tables, chairs, beds, chests, sofas, and cabinets.


The restoration and conservation of antique furniture require traditional methods involving proper construction, appropriate colors, and the right finishes. Conservators will approve of our methods.


Our shop offers a range of wood working services from custom built furniture and cabinetry to parts fabrication and hardware installation.


Vintage pianos are refinished in this shop. In particular we specialize in wood finishes for walnut, mahogany and oak pianos. Often the work is done in coordination with Austin's most reliable piano technicians. Call for our list of references.


Phone : 512-535-3680




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